creat the value By CROSSing with various people,we create food fun.

Through the discovery and provision of food-related things and services,
we aim to "Create of New Value”

CROSS with Producer! We cherish the commitment of producers who pursue deliciously safe Food and, deliver carefully selected products from all over the country.

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CROSS with Retail Store! We want to deliver truly worthwhile products to consumers. We will support the retail stores they have passion like this.


CROSS with Consumers! We will create food fun through producers and products nurtured by retailer's thoughts.


We deliver a valuable Food to everyone seeking deliciousness.

Producer's commitment to pursue tasty and safe food. And, the thoughts and quest of the retail store who gives the product the value that the consumer needs. Serious attitudes and feelings of people involved in food tend to be difficult to see in the world thinking about rationality and profit, actually,is not it the real value consumers seek? Without losing a positive feeling such as passion, commitment, producers and retail stores create new value and we deliver it to consumers.We believe that this is our CROSS ON's role and is the way to go.

〈Origin of company name〉
When people CROSS people,new value borns there.
Including passion and gratitude feelings ON
one by one while repeatedly feelings we grow day by day,
to increase value, we crowned the name of CROSS ON.