Privacy policy

In Our Company CROSS-ON, (hereafter, we are called our company), we think that it is a social duty that recognizing the importance of protecting personal information,
it is important for companies to handle personal information accurately and confidentially.
For that reason, We will establish privacy policy on customer's personal information and practice how to handle personal information as follows we will do.

1. For the concept of personal information

Personal information is one that can be identified as a specific individual and can be verified by the following information.
・Name, date of birth, address, telephone number, email address, occupation, gender
・ID number, password, other symbols etc. given to individuals
・Even if information that can identify a specific individual is not described, it can easily be compared with other information, thereby identifying a specific individual

2.Collection of personal information and purpose of use

We do not collect customer's personal information without permission. When collecting personal information, we will in principle provide informationbased on customer's will. In addition, we will use personal information provided to you within the following range.
・In order to deliver materials and catalogs requested by customers
・For confirmation and information necessary for customers to use the service
・Other occasions when you need to contact the user for some reason

Personal information to contact is necessary for providing each service, for example, it is as follows.
・Name · Date of birth · Address, postal code · telephone number · mail address· job · gender · unmarried or married and, essential for providing the service

3.Disclosure of personal information

Personal information provided by customers will not be disclosed to any third party unless it falls under any of the following cases.
・When you receive consent from customers
・Disclosing in a state where the individual can not identify
・When it is judged necessary based on the law
・When our company judge that the customer will be disadvantageous to a third party

4.Management of personal information

We manage your personal information under a safe environment that third parties can not access.
We are preparing a system so that data destruction, tampering, leakage etc. will not occur.

5. Inquiry, correction and deletion of personal information

For inquiries, corrections and deletions concerning personal information provided by customers, please contact Cross-On Corporation.
From the viewpoint of prevention of leakage of personal information, only when it can be confirmed that the request is from the customer himself, within a reasonable period, we will disclose, correct and delete the customer's personal information correctly.

6.About change and announcement of privacy policy

The content of the privacy policy is subject to change as necessary.
We are unable to contact you each time, so when using this page Please refer to the latest contents.

7.About inquiries

Inquiries about your personal information and the contents of this page will be accepted on the cross-on inquiry form.