To the retail stores who provide the value required by consumers We can ! CROSS ON

Confidence 5
From product supply to sales promotion, we are confident in talk proposal we based on consumer needs.

Cross-on commitment only products.

Considering regional characteristics,location,shop department and so on,
we propose the best products for each retailer.
We offer attractive products with originality,
"Such as popular products of famous manufactures",
"Speciality products of all over the country",
"Imported products and private brand products".

Provide know-how of making a sale floor and information.

Provide information from producers / manufactures,
such as appealing points of products in cooperation with the
purchasing section and what kind of stores they sell.
We also provide useful information such as success stories
at business partners nationwide to help you create a sales depratment.

Handling of various spot products is also O.K.

Spot products (limited quantity) of famous manufactures are also handled at discount price.
In order to further enhance various product lineups,
we will continue to expand our lineup of alcoholic beverages(wine and liqueur), household goods,
everyday items and so on.

Depending on the store, delivery from small lot to nationwide.

We propose products that respond to requests of retailers connecting major cities
all over the country in the quantity that fits each shop.
The nationwide delivery with small lot by mixed loading has received high popularity
among many retailers.

Please also let us promote sales.

As part of sales promotion support,we offer original POP which describes product information
such as product's health beauty information,secret of deliciousness,announcement of mass comunication,etc.
We also offer retail support including sales floor suggestions for combining items related to topical items and
displayning them.

To deliver the new value of food to the table.

~From Purchasing section to Retail stores~

When we deal with new products,we don't just purchase popular items,unusual items.
Look for products with"selling" that cherishes originality unique to cross-on,that is,"items to sell"
Because our work is completed only when consumers purchase goods from retail stores.

We may research products with new ideas based on information from retail stores.
We think that it is not fun to sell common things.
Development of a private brand is also a business that started from this feeling.


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